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Cassandra Ranjan (Maiden name: Goth) is weird and likes eating tons of food and acting like NIcocado avocado (Minus the stupid screaming and crying and getting angry at stufF for no reason)

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Cassandra was once a normal person and was fit and didn’t eat 2 million pounds of food a day, and that was before the Ranjans came along, she was going to get married to Don Lothatio but then the Ranjans took her to their town and Harry married her and made Don Lothario eat a bunch until he exploded then he died and no one went to his funeral because everyone in Pleasentview died from Harry Ranjan’s toxic fart of doom after he eats 200 burritos with very hot sauce from taco bell

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Name Cassandra Ranjan

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Gender Female

Ranjan Family

Parents Mortimer Goth Bella Goth

Sibling(s) Alexander Goth

Married Harry Ranjan

Child(ren) Ronnie Ranjan Lucky Ranjan Sophia Ranjan

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